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i got to meet Boniface on his most recent US tour.  from his FB:

‎”Kenyan police confiscated some of my tapes. I recently got them back so could finally finish the film I made in 2008/09 on Kenya’s post election violence. This simple 30min doc is about what happened at that time and how it has affected the lives of innocent people. The new elections are only next year. Will it be different? Take a look if interested. Please be aware very graphic images” – Boniface Mwangi acclaimed photographer and project director of Picha Mtaani

revolution (sp?)

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via gibran r FB via

back to black

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rip amy winehouse


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dumbfoundead featured in bluebook.  great story personal story telling i appreciate the honesty.

i love cats too

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ahahahaa..  and their ears.. and their whiskers.. in a basket !!

rip gil scott heron

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kendrick lamar

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been slippin on this blog but homie colin (HBD!) reminded me of dude kendrick lamar, who is one of my favorite new rappers.

crazy verse

new video

my first intro to dude was via this video.  fire!

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