back to black

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rip amy winehouse


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dumbfoundead featured in bluebook.  great story personal story telling i appreciate the honesty.

kendrick lamar

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been slippin on this blog but homie colin (HBD!) reminded me of dude kendrick lamar, who is one of my favorite new rappers.

crazy verse

new video

my first intro to dude was via this video.  fire!

i got my

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“I Got My” Music Video ft. Jin [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na] via carro hua FB!

more lupe

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“words i never said” -lupe

swim good

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more frank ocean.  i fast constructed this slide show bc i like this song so much.

respx to ernesto arroyo photography for some of these stunning photos and homies ayanna and yana for artistically being.

we all try

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spring turns, frank ocean moves

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