white washing hollywood

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akira!  via senbei

rip oscar grant

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a dance tribute to grant – yakfilms.com

i wrote a piece on the grant case a while back that i dont have much more to add to.  ill just repeat this meme ive heard in the hood as of recent: how is it that michael vick got more time for the dog fighting BS than mehserle did for killing grant in cold blood?  and yea that ish is cold, blud.

andy allo

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found this new artist via blu’s role in her video.  its in line with my lo-wi wows tip, and i like the lil back and forth.  havent listened to the rest of her album but am intrigued.  she calls her musix alter.hip.soul.

two dope lo fi videos

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two fantasmic minimalist video efforts by two of hip hop / modern musics cutting edge creatives

new cee lo single ‘f**k you!’  only words!

new janelle monae video ‘cold war’ only face!


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StoryCorps from what i understand is a roving national mic that records intimate stories between family and close friends.  its basically a massive contemporary oral history project that will be archived in the library of congress.

i think i first heard this piece on TAL.  the animation is cute and moving.

big bang big boom

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an insanely ambitious, multi media flash animation narrative of our universe and evolutionary development since bang.  its exciting to re-think canvas as unrestricted and mobile.  and to watch it filled with everyday trash and a lot of paint.  like, there’s so much beauty in this world i can barely take it!  but they actually outdo ‘american beauty‘ with a way doper plastic bag blowing in the wind moment re: jelly fish @ 3:15.

found via tadashinakamura’s blog

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