i love cats too

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ahahahaa..  and their ears.. and their whiskers.. in a basket !!


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wtf is juice? [chappelle lookback]

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classic chappelle.  politically incisive.. hella funny.

baracka flocka flame

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saw this about a week ago but was sorta mixed about it cause its kinda offensive but also lol. well its been heavy around here with chuck turners trial, RCC policy brutality, and seemingly relentless shootings. so why-tf not? baracka flocka flame

rent is too damn high

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this would obviously find its way here

illegal european immigration

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sum of change, ICE action – challenging the rampant crisis of illegal european immigration on native lands

BP spills coffee

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earth day message from captain planet

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hari kondabolu, leftist comic

my health care plan is the redistribution of organs!

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hari kondabolu via one of my favorite vblogists jay smooth

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