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nate dogg

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never leave me a lone ft snoop.  damn this is teenage memories rip!

Seeking Work and Dignity King’s “Second Phase”

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[dr. king leading a march from roxbury to the state house]

i wrote this piece 3 years ago to commemorate 40 years since king’s assassination in PeaceWork Magazine:

The US would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men (sic) and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube. — Martin Luther King, Jr., 1967

In his prophetic last volume, Where Do We Go From Here? Dr. King points towards the abolition of poverty as the critical “second phase” in the struggle for justice. Even after the Civil Rights Movement won so called “equality” in 1964, it became clear that the right to sit next to whites at a lunch counter was useless without the funds for a meal. In his 1967 speech “Beyond Vietnam,” King maintained that an economy dominated by military spending existed at the expense of underfunding the poor.

In 2003, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and a cadre of other seasoned community organizers known as the District 7 Roundtable launched the Fund the Dream Campaign. Rooted in King’s call to challenge the ë”evil triplets of…racism, materialism, and militarism,” Fund the Dream resurrected King’s framework to build economic peace by organizing the under- and unemployed.

At the time of his assassination, King was in Memphis, standing with unionizing sanitation workers and building towards a national Poor People’s Campaign for guaranteed jobs or income. Today, facing economic recession, 50 percent unemployment among young African American men and growing poverty amongst single mothers, organizing against joblessness in Boston’s poorest neighborhoods has become a matter of survival.

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happy new year from GJ

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to generation justice readers: wanna thank you for sticking w me in this first year of bloggy experimentation. im half surprised that its still going and grateful that u are still reading.

im not a particularly mystical person, but i do value the new year for moments of reflection and resolution.  quick writing exercise, 10 life lessons in less than 1 minute:

1. organizing work is slow
2. learn to forgive yourself first
3. love can check cynicism
4. leadership is a process not a position
5. anti-oppression is a lifelong course
6. global warming is really real
7. food is fundamental
8. i exist only through the support of others
9. the military, immigration, police and prisons are the same

ok i ran out of time trying to think of something good.  #10 will have to wait till 2011.  anyway, happy new year!

here’s an real top 10 list i wrote for the Boston Workers Alliance:

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link: npr interview of chuck this morning

link: video of chuck and supporters

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i sorta forgot i had a blog.. anywae, janelle monae!!

pt. 1 of 2

frida kahlo

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today would be frida kahlo’s birthday.  unprecedented artist, marxist femme left icon.   its like she turns her whole soul inside out and the anguish/insight/(com)passion is breathtaking.

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