kenya doc

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i got to meet Boniface on his most recent US tour.  from his FB:

‎”Kenyan police confiscated some of my tapes. I recently got them back so could finally finish the film I made in 2008/09 on Kenya’s post election violence. This simple 30min doc is about what happened at that time and how it has affected the lives of innocent people. The new elections are only next year. Will it be different? Take a look if interested. Please be aware very graphic images” – Boniface Mwangi acclaimed photographer and project director of Picha Mtaani

riot or insurrection

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DREAM act deferred

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[photo credit: ernesto arroyo FB: “Saw this piece on the way to my gig last night in Chinatown, took a shot with my cellphone cuz I figured it might not last the weekend before it gets covered… diggin’ it..”]

the DREAM Act was defeated in the senate on saturday.  the senators who voted NO think they were making a politically expedient move.  what they dont realize is that they’ve f*kked up.  the courageous young people who have come out about their status has galvanized a new youth movement that’s really only begun.  they’ve turned out a new cadre of pissed off young activists.  and im sure that after the sting of betrayal fades, a deeper even more forceful movement burgeons.


obama is jackie robbinson, still waiting for willie mays

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michael erik dyson drops a few gems on obama.

baracka flocka flame

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saw this about a week ago but was sorta mixed about it cause its kinda offensive but also lol. well its been heavy around here with chuck turners trial, RCC policy brutality, and seemingly relentless shootings. so why-tf not? baracka flocka flame

rent is too damn high

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this would obviously find its way here

glenn beck and donald duck

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remash video by my former roommate jonny rebellious, who is now a interweb superstar following his virally admired buffy v edward

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