on lebron

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illdoctrine on the lebron and sports.

happy lunar new year

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fighting for a better world in the year of the…


marshawn lynch runs home

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seahawks upset over defending superbowl champs represents the first nfl team to win a playoff game with a losing record.  im not really even a football fan but.. o snap, that is hilariously nice

kids fight zombie

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loled via kloncke

skinny jeans

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the subjectivity of style!  though i dont agree with the conclusion.  i see this less as a caveat and more of an opportunity.

surprise kat!!

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i dno.

big bang big boom

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an insanely ambitious, multi media flash animation narrative of our universe and evolutionary development since bang.  its exciting to re-think canvas as unrestricted and mobile.  and to watch it filled with everyday trash and a lot of paint.  like, there’s so much beauty in this world i can barely take it!  but they actually outdo ‘american beauty‘ with a way doper plastic bag blowing in the wind moment re: jelly fish @ 3:15.

found via tadashinakamura’s blog

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