generating justice

welcome to the generation justice blog

the goal of GJ is to compile transformative, inspiring left/radical material that is accessible and entertaining to you.  GJ operates from an anti-oppression framework, meaning that we fight for equality and affirmation of all people, including people of color, women, poor and working class people, queer and trans folk, immigrants and refugees, religious minorities, and youth, amongst other oppressed groups.

GJ tries to bring commentary on current events while also featuring visionary models of social organization towards which i hope we can aspire.  in particular, i believe that capitalism as we know it is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable, and see the task of our generation (youth and young adults) to envision and institute a new social order that prioritizes people over profits, and democracy over hierarchy.

I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will – Antonio Gramsci

generation justice also features music reviews, mostly hip hop (its what i like).  not only are culture and politics co-produced, but art can instigate change.

The role of the revolutionary artist is to make revolution irresistible – Toni Cade Bambara

finally, there are moments of random musing, whatever-whatever non sequitur and anything else that comes through seeming notably funny, raw, cute, moving, awkward, truthful etc etc.

comments, questions and critique are encouraged.  share and spread the GJ blog to those who care.

the volume of blog content ebbs and flows, mostly dictated by my obligations in real life and my sense of self and mood at the time.  expect a minimum of 1 post a week.

thanks for passing through, hope you’ll look around, and subscribe to the blog for notices of new posts.

Generation Justice Greatest Hits:

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why does a salad cost more than a big mac? (3/13/10)

participatory budgeting (3/1/10)

oscar grant (7/8/10)

understanding capital (7/14/10)

roots (8/11/10)

citibanks gender fail (9/13/10)

dream deferred (but far from lost) (9/22/10)

no homo (12/3/10)

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