understanding capital

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animated excepts from david harvey’s lecture on the financial crisis.  harvey is one of the country’s leading marxists academics, and has a 13 part lecture series on marx’ ‘capital vol 1’ available on his website.

i am squarishly excited about this find, and feel like ive found a new guide to help me grapple with issues like finance capital, monetary policy, capital crises etc.  in some ways, despite close to 10 years of living and learning as a radical activist/organizer, i feel like my analysis on the mechanics of capitalism are pretty paltry.  i have some grasp of the historical trends of neoliberal policy: globalization, deregulation, privatization etc.  and i understand that it benefits the extremely wealthy at the degrading, heartbreaking expense of the majority of the global population.

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Haiti v. Goldman

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GDP of Haiti: $8.5 billion.

Goldman Sachs bonus pool: $20 billion.

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