fixing the future

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check out pbs special on alternative economy. ive been pushing a left movement framework of “economic democracy” for a little while. this video starts to capture some components of a new economy.

excerpt: ‎”I think worker ownership is the way of the future, in various forms of coops, which is about democratizing ownership and rooting it in the community in ways that can also scale, because you can do larger scale enterprises that require more capital, but also maintain their roots in the community.”

good look to homie toussaint for sharing

understanding capital

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animated excepts from david harvey’s lecture on the financial crisis.  harvey is one of the country’s leading marxists academics, and has a 13 part lecture series on marx’ ‘capital vol 1’ available on his website.

i am squarishly excited about this find, and feel like ive found a new guide to help me grapple with issues like finance capital, monetary policy, capital crises etc.  in some ways, despite close to 10 years of living and learning as a radical activist/organizer, i feel like my analysis on the mechanics of capitalism are pretty paltry.  i have some grasp of the historical trends of neoliberal policy: globalization, deregulation, privatization etc.  and i understand that it benefits the extremely wealthy at the degrading, heartbreaking expense of the majority of the global population.

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participatory budgeting in chicago!

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i introduced the history and impact of participatory budgeting (PB) earlier.

this post is on the first successful PB process in the US, completed in the 49th ward of chicago led by its alderman, joe moore.  i talked to the PB coordinator last week, and she was ecstatic coming off the final budget election.  over 1,600 people voted for a menu of budget proposals, developed and vetted by over 400 participants in neighborhood assemblies.  the goal is to prioritize the allocation of $1.3 million of “menu money,” normally under the discretion of the ward’s alderman.  the menu is limited to neighborhood level developments, ranging from pot holes and street signs to community gardens and bus shelters.

voting was open to residents of the 49th ward, 16 years and up with an ID.  there were no restrictions based on immigration or criminal record status or current voter registration.

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participatory budgeting

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in the big picture of transitioning from corporate capitalism to a new democratist economy, relatively low hanging fruit is the institution of participatory budgeting (PB).

participatory budgeting is just what it sounds like.  the people democratically budget their tax dollars.

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BBC documentary on mondragon from the 1970’s (part 1)

mondragon is spain’s 7th largest corporation, founded in 1955 in the historically oppressed basque region.  today, it encompasses over 260 businesses and employs more than 100,000 people.

mondragon is exciting because its a huge federation of mutually supported worker-owned cooperatives.  they have their own bank, technical university, industrial manufacturing, grocery store chains, advanced research etc.

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introducing: democratism!

02/10/2010 § 7 Comments

so capitalism is fail, and state socialism is also fail.  so in their place, i offer: democratism!  a new and improved economic system that prioritizes people over profits.

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