DREAM act deferred

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[photo credit: ernesto arroyo FB: “Saw this piece on the way to my gig last night in Chinatown, took a shot with my cellphone cuz I figured it might not last the weekend before it gets covered… diggin’ it..”]

the DREAM Act was defeated in the senate on saturday.  the senators who voted NO think they were making a politically expedient move.  what they dont realize is that they’ve f*kked up.  the courageous young people who have come out about their status has galvanized a new youth movement that’s really only begun.  they’ve turned out a new cadre of pissed off young activists.  and im sure that after the sting of betrayal fades, a deeper even more forceful movement burgeons.


pass the DREAM Act!

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know about the DREAM Act!  i did some work on this bill back in college, over 7 years ago.  its passage is long over due, and the network of righteous and militant undocumented students spearheading this campaign is true inspiration.  after sitting-in at harry reids office and shaming a bunch of pols, it looks like we could get some movement.  this is an alert i wrote for the AARW, mobilizing phone calls into scott browns office:

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dream act now!

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1.4 million undocumented asian americans in the US.  just under 10% of API are undocumented.

DREAM activists escalate in DC

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even while im overwhelmed by the current struggle for CORI reform in MA, im completely moved by the the recent action by DREAM activists who’ve been staging sit-ins for the immediate passage of the DREAM Act in DC.

read more about the political context at colorlines

the video above struck a chord.  its an intense conversation between rep. gutierrez (lead house sponsor of the most progressive Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal who got arrested in civil disobedience a few months ago for CIR) and  5 DREAM activist who were in occupation of a congressional office.  the conversation is interesting and frustrating and just really real.  i have things to say about adultism as a real system of oppression (all the youth & youth workers already know).  the interesting strategic conversation thats so profoundly informed by positionality.  the bravery of undocumented youth to stand up against co-optation even from their strongest ally.  etc etc.

anyway, was moved to share.  the movement is beautiful and complicated.

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