hip hop saved my life

02/14/2010 § 1 Comment

lupe’s “hip hop saved my life” was one my favorite songs of the last decade.  its not as rousing as nas’ “one mic” or memorable as kweli’s “get by,” but lupe’s character on this track is so layered and earnestly crafted, that i end up rooting for it every time.

its about a hopeful emcee whose ability to support his son and family are wrapped up in his success in the rap game.  in the 2nd verse, i like the way he talks about his girlfriend who lets him borrow her car so he can open up for amateur shows.  its the humbling nature of aspiration thats so carefully captured.

Down baby momma who he really had to honor
’cause she was his biggest fan
Even let him use the Honda to
Drive up to Dallas went to open up for amateurs
Let him keep her debit card
So he could put gas in it
Told her when he get on
He’s gonna take her to the galleria
Buy her everything but the mannequins, you dig

kinda materialistic and traditionally gendered, but still lovely i think.  appropriately, happy ❤ day!

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