no homo

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and a classic

sarah silverman on lgbtq suicide

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sometimes the obvious needs to be stated

skinny jeans

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the subjectivity of style!  though i dont agree with the conclusion.  i see this less as a caveat and more of an opportunity.

prop 8 overturned

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prop 8 has been overturned by the federal judge as unconstitutional.  exciting for the millions of californian same sex couples who have tumbled through these legal hurdles and continue to build power against an obvious facet of heterosexism and patriarchy.  wondering how this plays out in the supreme court.

relatedly, obamas second supreme court nominee elena kegan is confirmed by senate today.  kagan, former HLS dean and current solicitor general, is only the 4th female supreme court justice (out of 112).  reportedly obamic in her politics–moderate – liberalish–she potentially moves the bench to the right as a replacement for stevens.

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