obama is jackie robbinson, still waiting for willie mays

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michael erik dyson drops a few gems on obama.

baracka flocka flame

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saw this about a week ago but was sorta mixed about it cause its kinda offensive but also lol. well its been heavy around here with chuck turners trial, RCC policy brutality, and seemingly relentless shootings. so why-tf not? baracka flocka flame

my health care plan is the redistribution of organs!

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hari kondabolu via one of my favorite vblogists jay smooth

state of the union

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obama makes his first state of the union speech as president

populist rhetoric with a mixed bag of policy solutions.  obama shifts frame to economy (stupid) mostly.

1.  i like that he calls for $30 billion recuperated from bank bailout into a federally funded jobs bill.  he didnt name the specifics, but im aware of HR 4268 sponsored by rep. ellison that says $30 billion would produce 1 million new jobs.  really, $30b barely dents the 50% young male unemployment seen in communities of color across the country.  but the resurrection of a federal works program (shout to the CETA or WPA) is policy/bureaucratic shift that reasserts governments responsibility to create productive employment in the face of joblessness.  its a framework that was abandoned i think under reagan era, and would buck the trend of increased privatization (let the market take care of it ex. charter schools, deregulated utility companies, for profit prisons, and of course jobs).

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